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Thursday, February 25, 2010

it's proven

We're coming back from economic class. So I drop by at the cafe 1st with my classmates, Dayah and Aishah. While waiting our food is served, we notice that there are a group of chinese students with 1 of them is wearing special costume not far from our dining table. They approache 1 table to the another. But what they do??? Wowwww,,, they give Ang Pau... We want it! We want it too!

We're so excited waiting for them to come here. I can see them clearly moving from 1 table to another table even without my glasses. Ngee ^_^ . My friends keep asking where are that group of chinese student now because both of my friends are sitting at the opposite site with me. And now they are at the dining table just next to us.

Me: Owh no!
Dayah: Why? *with curious face*
Me: They don't come here
Dayah & Aishah: Really??? *sad tone*
Me: Yup, they turn back to other table. Hahahahaha~
Dayah: So unlucky we are,,, -_-'

Then we start laughing. Owh nooooooo~ Wah,,,kah3 =))

Me: Dayah~~~ *at the excited state, hee ^^*
Dayah: What? *surprised*
Me: They are walking toward here
Dayah: Ok2,,, control yourself, don't laugh! *smiling face*
Me: How? I caaaannnnnnnn'tttt...
Dayah: Don't Azri, just pretend like you not see them

I found that this is very funny situation ok. How will i control myself from laughing??? Impossible... Ok, skip. Now they are already at our place.

Them: Hye,,, :)
Dayah: Eh! *with her surprised face*
My heart: Awesome actress you are, Dayah *hehe :p*

As we expected before, we are given 1 Ang Pau per person. Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy 3 friends. Yay \(^^)/

Us: Thanx :)
Them: Welcome, don't forget to join our Ang Pau fiest...
Us: Ok... *even we don't think we can join them because of our packed schedule, huhu~*

When they are moving at the table next after ours. We start guess how much money in it??? I let Dayah opens that Ang Pau 1st. In order to cover herself from looking by them, so she puts that Ang Pau under the table and she opens it.

Dayah: Haaaaa,,,Azriiiiiii~~~
Me: Why??? How much?

Now, guess how much money in that Ang Pau?
RM 1? Noooooooo~
RM 5? Owh,,,your answer still wrong
RM 10??? Yaaaa,,, but for its color not its value ok. Hehe,,,
No mark for you... The correct answer is

Hahahahahahahaha =)) It's actually the invitation flier for Ang Pau fiest. Owh no... we can't stop laughing now. Wah,,,kah3 =))

It's remind me to the what's our economic's lecturer said in the previous class which is money is something but it's not everything. Yup,,, that's right.
I agree with you sir, it's proven when we still can laugh harder even there is no money in that Ang Pau. The moment that we've shared together is more precious than money and it's memorable funny memory.

Therefore, this situation proved that theory. Ngee ^^

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medi said...

mata duitan. hakhak..

but if i'm at your position, i oso can't act cool and not laughing.. difficult rite?

zahir adnan said...


zEri sAfEerA said...

medi: hahaha~ ala,kalo dlm 2 ade 1rggt pon org x kesah.hehe,,,
yup,,,mmg susah nk control gelak...nk pengsan. hahaha=))

zahir adnan: heheheh

zEri sAfEerA said...

zahir adnan: jom gelak sm2. wakakakaka :))