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Monday, April 26, 2010

mOo LaLAlA


1stly, Alhamdulillah for my final exam is over on 24th April but I just got a chance today to online here (at library) since the wireless connection at my college is too low. So disappointing me :(

I'm still here at UPM because I decide to just stay here until 27th April since my roommates and me have planned to spend time together before the sem break.
However after that, I still can't back to my hometown because I should wait until 2nd May since I have registered myself to join 1 programme under my college which is 'Simposium Budaya Islam Darul Iman' hehe... This programme will conducted at Terengganu *don't have to spend my money to buy a ticket*.

It's about 1 week left before 2nd May. Therefore, I decide to fill the gap between it by spending time at my aunt's house. Ngee,,, miss my little cousin so much ^^

Yay,,, since I don't have any important mission *hee* on my sem break, so I will try my best to share my story along this busy short sem as many as I can for I don't get a chance to do so before. So, tata ^_^

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

today is belong to her

  Hye all... Alhamdulillah, I'm here again meaning that I'm still alive, hehe. All praises just to Him :)

20th April - I have KMT paper while my roomie, Diyana has Math paper which is her last paper. After finished sitting that exam, Diyana and me plan to The Mines to release our tense even I still have 1 more paper to go on 24th April (Botany and Physiology of Horticultural Crops). No need to worry since I have 3 more days before my last paper, ngee ^^

Other than that, we have our own important mission --> to buy a present for Su *my other roomie* for her birthday on 21th April.

At The Mines, the 1st thing we did is karaoke, hee. We chose 5 songs. I laugh harder than sing the song since I was too entertained seeing the way Diyana sings *yup, really shows that she wants to release her tense*. Good for you, Diyana ^_^

Ok, move to the next location. We changed our money to the token. Yeehaaa~ it's time to play drum, car race and shoot... Bang! Bang! Bomp! Wah,,,kah3 =)). Now, I can't stop laughing as if the ghosts are really in front of me and no one around me to save my life. HEEEEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!

Huh,,, omG.. so happy~ Long time not have fun through this way...
Argh,,, miss to spend time with you again, Anis *my buddy* by enjoying these activities together *miss our matric life a lot*
Miss these moments

Ok enough. 10pm already. Back to our important mission.
What should we buy? We have no idea actually. Diyana plans to make a gimmick which is just buy a slice of secret recipe cake. It's more like prank. How pity she is. Ngee ^^

Huu,,, thanx Allah. On our way to the secret recipe, we are attracted by 1 of shoe store. Wow,,, that store really drives me crazy. It makes me wanna try all the shoes there. Owh no~~~
Finally, we find a sweetest 1. Haaa~ I love it. We love it. So much ^^. I try it 1st since we share the same size. Owh my,,, so comfort. Lalalalalalala *_*

zEri: Hurm,,, why not we just cancel buy this shoes for her instead i will buy it for me???
sAfEerA: zEri! huisy,,, change your 'niat'
zEri: Oppps,,, ok sorry2. Cool dear :)

Alright, no more compromise. Sure, we want this one!

Quite late when we arrive at our room and as I guess, Su is already sleep *she always sleep early at night*. It's about half an hour left before 12am. We wrap that present at Kak Katy's room *just next to our room*. We just use old newspaper *not enough budget, hehe* and Kak Katy creates a cute simple card.

Taraa~ now, it's time to make a surprise but we don't know how to wake Su up. Lastly, Kak Katy switches off the light. Spontaneously, in the dark room, Diyana wakes Su up and asks Su to accompany her to the toilet since she just watched a horror movie. Hahaha,,, I control myself from lol. Diyana should win the best actress award, heehaaa.

Without asking too much, Su wakes up with her blur face. Before she stands up, suddenly Kak Katy turns the light on and we sing her a birthday song together. Wah,,kah3 =)) I can see her blushing face clearly *-*

Then, we ask her to open a cake box with our sad tone "We just afford to buy this cake for you, Su"
Su: It's ok... It's more than enough.
I know she likes it so much since lately, she has planned to go to the secret recipe on 27th April *after her last paper*

We have pretty long talks with her while she finishes eating that cake and Diyana creates 1 story which is at The Mines, we found a handsome man from Arab and he gave us a box.
Su: Hah???

Then, we show that box to Su. Hahahaha~ It really makes her surprise. Again, we laugh.
We are so excited waiting for her tears one by one layer of newspapers. I really excited to see her next expression. After she opens the box, then she gapes *stare in open-mouthed surprise* then I scream and burst into hysterical laughter *look like that present is belong to me, right?*

Su, what are you waiting for??? try that shoes now!
My wish on her birthday: I hope her feet get bigger on her birthday so that I could make that shoes as mine, hikhikhik ^^

sAfEerA: zEri! not again...
zEri: Cool, just kidding la :p

yAy \(^^)/ that shoes fit her feet. Cute (:

Kak Katy and Dyana laugh at me when a word "so jealous la" is come out spontaneously from my mouth. I still wonder~
I'm the one who is not into pink but i don't know why it looks sweet when it's that wedges??? hoo ^.^

Su, you become older today. Are you happy??? Hehe :p

zEri sAfEerA : I always want to make my friends happy because seeing them smile will make me happy too ^_^
That's why even I don't have a present to give to you on your birthday, but my wish is actually shows that you are never forgotten.

P/s: Although your friend is not as special as your lover but
a birthday wish is the other way how a friend appreciates you
and you should take it as a priceless present ever :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

missing you

stay alone in my room now since both of my roommates have class. silent. no one to talk to...

nothing to do since all of my assignments already submitted except English which is I need to submit it tomorrow.

Lately, so busy with the assignments and presentations that really drive me crazy. I even don't have much more time for myself. Alhamdulillah, finally everything has been done :)

As usual, when there is nothing to do, then I will on my lappy, listen to my favourite songs and open a folder of MY SWEETEST OF MINE *photo's folder*
After open one by one folder, suddenly someone has crossed in my mind... At once, I open a folder that contain his latest photos. All those photos was taken 2 months ago. Uhhhhh,,, dear, I miss you so muchie much...

I miss to see the way you come toward me

I miss to see the way you smile when you stare at me

I miss to see the way you laugh when you hear a weird sound

I miss to see the way you speak alone with your own language
I miss to see the way you sleep *weird but still cute right?*

I miss to see how fast you crawl to get something

I miss to see how struggle you try to stand up *go go chayok*

I miss to see how careful you are when you try to step forward

OmA, really miss our cheerful time...

2 weeks ago, your mom called me and told me about your new achievement *you can walk 4 steps forward*
I can imagine how tired your parents to look after you, hehe :D

Friday, April 2, 2010

just ignore me

Special request: could you please lend your ear??? 
Just for a minute...

I know... Now, we don't close as before anymore since you are busy with your commitments and me with mine... That's why when I received a text message from you recently, then I expected that you will make me smile just like what my other friends always do.
I replied your message in order to show how much I care of my friend even I just came back from my class on that time. And when you told me that you have something to tell, then I try my best to be your good listener even I'm too tired, too sleepy. I pretend to be happy just because I want to hide all my feelings so that you wouldn't feel sorry for that.
But when I ready to listen to you, you were refused to share about it. I guess, guess and guess...

You know what? I realized that you just wasting my time. Finally, I decided to turn off my hp...

Yesterday, you texted me...

  Why do you ask me, what's wrong with me?
But why don't you ask yourself what you did to me?
Yeah… of course you did small mistake but don't you realize that you always repeat the same thing over and over again and it’s can be so irritating you know?

Don't ask me, why I'm such a stubborn person?

Instead, I think you should ask yourself how many chances were already given to you?
Maybe that's my fault for giving so many chances to a person like you because you never appreciate it.  

  You ask me again, what should you do to make me happy?

Ok, I have the answer for it *hand up*. You should do nothing because my other friends also did nothing but I’m happy as well and it just happen.

Please don't ask me, why it's so hard to understand me?

Why don't you ask yourself either you really try to? 
I know, to understand someone is not easy as ABC 123. But who ask you to understand me?

Come on... The rule is just simple because I never ask people to do what I like.
But what should people do?
Don't do what I dislike.

Actually, what do you expect from me?
You want me to behave like before?
I change nothing.
Don't be too sensitive?
 I always put my sensitive at the right place.
Huh,,, don't just expect the best from me,
instead you should also do the same in return.

o, do you still want to blame myself???
Ok, go on... Sorry for I'm not always right...
  You found that I'm complicated? Unpredictable?
Sorry,,, I wouldn't change and that's me...

Now, are you tired with myself?
Then, just ignore me.

 Oh my Allah, I really tired with those questions... :(
Thanks for giving me the best friends that love me in anyway... :)