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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

out of my busy day


It's been long time i'm not update my blog right. And now i want to share about my trip to Pangkor Island under PAKAT (Persatuan Kebajikan Anak Terengganu) last month but i just don't have suit time to share with you here till now due to my packed time table for this sem :(. Enjoy the photos peeps...

ke Pulau Pangkor

Excited state : Hehe,,, get ready for snorkling n_n

Life must go on. Ngee ^^

Help me!!! Give me a space to breath~~~ hehe :p

Hahahah =)) show my peace and stay cool bebeh ^_^

I love this pic the most. Yeehaaa~

1st exciting experience --> banana boat. Heeehhaaaa~ \(^^)/

Akomodatif : Great group members... Congrats for such a good job friends :)

All together before go to Island tour ^^

We are coursemates n_n

1 of hystorical place at Pangkor

That's my great experience since it's my 1st experience to the island even there are lots of beautiful island at my place. I really enjoyed every moments there because other than doing some fun activities, i could also release my tense.

Ok now, back to my busy life. Seriously i hate this hectic sem. The class start early in the morning, finish late in the evening and there are no gaps in between except for solat. Huh -_-'
So no wonder why sometimes i don't notice about new messages in my inbox and i even don't notice about new missed calls since my hp is always in silent mood. Sorry ya,,,

Soon, i will have some more activities to join under PAKAT and 1 under my course which is family day. Therefore, i hope i could share about that programme here soon. Argh,,, I really hope that something magic to happen so that the time could moving faster. Abracadabra~ Tttttttiiiiinnnngggg!!! Hee :)

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fatalist said...

ye la...sgt pack schedule mg sem ni...layan je ler

zEri sAfEerA said...

hehe,,,2 ah...aku benci ah weih :(

anish said...

bestnye! ^^

zEri sAfEerA said...

hehe,,, boleh la wat ilang tension ni anis...hehe :)