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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

missing you

stay alone in my room now since both of my roommates have class. silent. no one to talk to...

nothing to do since all of my assignments already submitted except English which is I need to submit it tomorrow.

Lately, so busy with the assignments and presentations that really drive me crazy. I even don't have much more time for myself. Alhamdulillah, finally everything has been done :)

As usual, when there is nothing to do, then I will on my lappy, listen to my favourite songs and open a folder of MY SWEETEST OF MINE *photo's folder*
After open one by one folder, suddenly someone has crossed in my mind... At once, I open a folder that contain his latest photos. All those photos was taken 2 months ago. Uhhhhh,,, dear, I miss you so muchie much...

I miss to see the way you come toward me

I miss to see the way you smile when you stare at me

I miss to see the way you laugh when you hear a weird sound

I miss to see the way you speak alone with your own language
I miss to see the way you sleep *weird but still cute right?*

I miss to see how fast you crawl to get something

I miss to see how struggle you try to stand up *go go chayok*

I miss to see how careful you are when you try to step forward

OmA, really miss our cheerful time...

2 weeks ago, your mom called me and told me about your new achievement *you can walk 4 steps forward*
I can imagine how tired your parents to look after you, hehe :D

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i'm mashitah said...

anak kamu ke kakak oi???

zEri sAfEerA said...

hahahah~ apela mashi ni. boleh plak tnye soalan mcm 2. hee ^^... my little cousin la :)