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Friday, April 2, 2010

just ignore me

Special request: could you please lend your ear??? 
Just for a minute...

I know... Now, we don't close as before anymore since you are busy with your commitments and me with mine... That's why when I received a text message from you recently, then I expected that you will make me smile just like what my other friends always do.
I replied your message in order to show how much I care of my friend even I just came back from my class on that time. And when you told me that you have something to tell, then I try my best to be your good listener even I'm too tired, too sleepy. I pretend to be happy just because I want to hide all my feelings so that you wouldn't feel sorry for that.
But when I ready to listen to you, you were refused to share about it. I guess, guess and guess...

You know what? I realized that you just wasting my time. Finally, I decided to turn off my hp...

Yesterday, you texted me...

  Why do you ask me, what's wrong with me?
But why don't you ask yourself what you did to me?
Yeah… of course you did small mistake but don't you realize that you always repeat the same thing over and over again and it’s can be so irritating you know?

Don't ask me, why I'm such a stubborn person?

Instead, I think you should ask yourself how many chances were already given to you?
Maybe that's my fault for giving so many chances to a person like you because you never appreciate it.  

  You ask me again, what should you do to make me happy?

Ok, I have the answer for it *hand up*. You should do nothing because my other friends also did nothing but I’m happy as well and it just happen.

Please don't ask me, why it's so hard to understand me?

Why don't you ask yourself either you really try to? 
I know, to understand someone is not easy as ABC 123. But who ask you to understand me?

Come on... The rule is just simple because I never ask people to do what I like.
But what should people do?
Don't do what I dislike.

Actually, what do you expect from me?
You want me to behave like before?
I change nothing.
Don't be too sensitive?
 I always put my sensitive at the right place.
Huh,,, don't just expect the best from me,
instead you should also do the same in return.

o, do you still want to blame myself???
Ok, go on... Sorry for I'm not always right...
  You found that I'm complicated? Unpredictable?
Sorry,,, I wouldn't change and that's me...

Now, are you tired with myself?
Then, just ignore me.

 Oh my Allah, I really tired with those questions... :(
Thanks for giving me the best friends that love me in anyway... :)

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fatalist said...

this post dedicated to whom?

zEri sAfEerA said...

1org kawan yg brname llaki...

little ain said...

kak pirah, ini orang adalah gilak. jangan dilayan seh. mengong.

zEri sAfEerA said...

huu,,,letih ain r hok org kate, panas setahun dpadamkan hujan 1 ari. ye napok silap org j. xpela, org bkn sape2 pon...:(

jane said...


pepun, kalau saya clueless jugadlm hal ni
better snyap kot
tutp sgala fon, fb, blog dll


zEri sAfEerA said...

huhu,,,kalo la 2 j satu2nye jlnnye. tp smpai bile kan??? hurm,,,xpela, yang penting die bahgie dgn care die.

디야나 said...

o.O.. xtaw pape pon~

zEri sAfEerA said...

hehe,,, abes 2, dyana x tnye :p

디야나 said...

huu... azri xcite~

zEri sAfEerA said...

hahahaha~ 6ti org story2 la ye....:) *kdudukan 2 mcm jauh sgt* kuikuikui ^^