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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My New Editing Photo

Hye peeps...

Last weekend, my roommate, Su and I went to SS just to buy some new stuff to decorate our room so that we got new mood to face a new life along this new sem, waaaahhhh :p. We chose green as a theme color ok *green is 1 of my fav colour actually*
As a person who love taking photo, of course I will use my leisure time as optimum as possible while waiting a bus to snap pictures, ngee ^^. So whether my roommate prefer or not, she should be my photographer without payment, hua,,,hahaha =))

Ok leave it. Now, we already finished decorate our room. Huuu,,, every corner is in green now. yAy~ I’m luvin' it ^_^. Then I transfered all my photos to my laptop. I need to choose the best 1 since I decided to edit it. I really love in photo’s editing even I know I don't have a talent in it since I always got a problem to come up with great idea. Ngee,,, it’s ok then.

Then, I picked this 1

Location: KMR, UPM... hehe :)

Briefly... after all, then it DONE!

Simple right? Lastly, I know what's the function of selective color that I've learnt from my twin. A photo look better and more attractive. The colour element look more bright.
Alright,,, don't forget to watch this new movie in cinemas this 29th February 2010, k. You have to watch this movie because I'm a new actress.
Huhu,,, actually I got the idea to edit this photo based on a malay movie that I watched last month *SEPI*

Hurm,,, I love this photo because my twin loves it too, hehe :). His 1st compliment on my photo that i edit. I'm so happy for that \(^^)/ Thanks,,,

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haha.. kejayaan bermula dari angan angan

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