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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010


Hye,,, since this is my 1st post for this year, I hope it’s not too late to wish you all happy new year. Hopefully His blessings will always surround us along this year, Insya-Allah.
Actually… begin 2010, I want to post all my entries in English in order to improve my English back. I know I don't use English anymore after I had finished my study in secondary school. I mean of course I used to learn English in matriculation but I don't practice it much after the class. So no wonder why my English is not improve anymore since that. No more new vocab, bombastic word and please don’t talk about grammar because it's totally broken :(

Huh,,, I don't realize about it until I got a bad result in MUET especially in essay. Seriously, I can’t write the essay as well as when I was in secondary school. My essay before this is 10x better than now. Argh,,, I want to go back to schoooooooool!!! English… may I falling in love with you for the 2nd time??? Zeri... use English, then you will fall in love with it again, right?

Ok, stop talking bout it. The most important is I wish this year is a new beginning for the improvement of my English. I want to start it from a very start because in the same time I take English for this sem. So, hopefully it will help me not just for a little bit but a lot. Thus, it's ok to make mistake in the learning process right? And please correct me when I make a mistake, k.

Now, you gt it? The point is I just want to use my blog as one of a medium to improve my English especially in writing so that this blog will be more useful for me.

2010... I'm waiting for a better Azri Safirah to born ^^ and I will walk this day in faith dear lord, no foe, no storm I will fear, but trusting in your precious word, I'm safe for You are near. May Allah bless us. Ameen :)

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AkMa said...

epi new year..huhuhu

zEri sAfEerA said...

akma:hehe,,,samat thb baru~