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Friday, July 9, 2010

a moment to count


1 day left before back to UPM. Huh,,, it has been long time i'm not updating my blog. Btw, a pleasant welcome to my new followers and big thanx for those who have dropped their comments and gave me their links. Insya-Allah, i will visit you back ;)
For those who have tagged me and gave me special awards, this is belong to you.

Ouwh,,, really sorry to my wonderwall for let you damn quiet without any new post lately :(. Just 11 entries in about 2 months. So poor right? Huh,,, struggling with my laziness. Seriously, i'm not in blogging mood, that's why i did post nothing in recent. What i have planned before just like 'melepaskan batuk di tangga'. hakhak ^^

Hurm,,, missing my busy campus life. O'ow i'm not sure with what i just confessed. Really get confused with my own feeling. Missing my busy routine but at the same time i don't want to leave my home. This strange feeling has been appearing when i got nothing to do at home. It was so differ with my busy life in campus and for that, i start realised how bad it is.

I just spend most of this sem break at home. Don't have much chance to hang out with my besties. Not the same as my previous sem break :((. However,
love and hugs to my family for always be here by my side
big hugs and thanks to both of my bff for coloring my day with good sharing, laugh and fun

Ouwh,,, 1 more thing. Early of this week, my parents bought a pair of new little friends. Hee,,, here they are

Cute rite?

Currently, zEri is counting the moment before say bubye to her home sweet home. But still, didn't packing her stuff yet. Huu,,, for sure, she's gonna miss her hoomie :'(

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