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Thursday, August 5, 2010

make it strike


My 1st update for this new sem, hehe. I grab this chance *on9 in library* just to share my fun time with my coursemates last weekend on 1st Aug. We actually had a bowling match with other batches of BP(SP). Btw, i just want to make this entry short. So, let the photos share the rest. Ngee ^^

we have fun. we take photos :)

teammates of SUCI DLM DEBU. hoho ^.^

The combination of us. We play. We laugh. We feel it. Lots of dramas, let the photos keep sharing ^_~

main actress in this drama :p

the reflections of friendship ^_^

wonder girls in the mines. hakhak :))

wish for a wonderful thing to happen from a magic ball. hehe :D

The unexpected thing is always happen. Beautifully incident, we met them ;) Guess who???

Hafiz... We caught him :)


Dauuusssssssss!!! hehe,,,terexcited pulak ^^

he was cOol n_n

Huhu,,,orite guys. Thats all. Gt to go now. Remember this:
Enjoy the little things for 1 day you may look back and realize they were the big things

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fatalist said...

bestnya main bowling..wah, bergmbr ngn artis..sape daus?

Anonymous said...

wah zeri mmg drama sgoh ah!,,,haaha2!..jelez la aku tgok pic2 mg ni mmg comey sngt ah..bile la aku lak leh bt cam ni,huhu2....

zEri sAfEerA said...

fareha: huhu,,,men x reti pom. huhu,,, owh,,,mu xdang knal r sbab ye af8.

issareni: doh mu 2 takot ngak nk senyum dlm gambo ekpom. hoho ^.^