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Sunday, May 9, 2010

hApPy mOm's dAy

I hope it's not too late...
So, with big hugs and kisses...

Mother's Day Myspace  Comments

to my mom,,, :)

You are the BESTEST and I'm the LUCKIEST 
and there is no one is as special as you...

You have a very special place
that no one else can fill
right here

Love Myspace Comments
in my heart
because you mean so much to me
and you always will

thanks for everything
thanks for your love you always shared with me
care which hugged me tight...
thanks for always open your arms when i needed a hug
thanks for always be with me when i needed a friend

I know that i will never find
a person as wonderful as you

even by travel all around the world and
no one can replace your place in my heart

By this opportunity, i also would like to wish HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to all mothers in the world and my beloved aunt...
Now, you are moving to one more step. The next step in the  process of educate your son as what you want him to be. I know it's not that easy BUT i believe you can do it, Insya-Allah. mmuahxxx
Love Myspace Comments
both of you too n_n

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