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Thursday, May 27, 2010

header VS headache

Huh,,, i'm not well today :(. I've got symptoms to get fever. It gives me a sore throat *kesat je rasa, dah kalis air dah tekak ni*. It makes me cough and sneezing *uhuk2,,, haisyim!* Asyik sebut nama abang hasyim je, hehe :p. Every breath i exhale felt so warm *boleh tak kalau tak nak nafas? hee*. Ni mesti sebab cuaca tak menentu *hujan panas, hujan panas*. Ok dah, kedatangan aku ke mari bukan nak cakap pasal ni pun. Hopefully i will get well soon :)

Adoiyaa,,, bila dah 24 hours on9 dan asyik menghadap laptop ni saja, bosan juga. Bukan juga la, memang bosan pun. But what can i do? I have no choice, yup. Urm,,, kebetulan, i've got new job *job la sangat*. Early of this week, Issareni asked me to help her to create a header for her blog. Aku on saja lagipun tak tahu nak buat apa jugak. But as usual, i had a problem to come up with great new idea. Yela, aku bukan pro pun bab-bab edit ni *edit biasa2 boleh la*. Baru saja dalam peringkat bertatih. Cuma 1 saja. Since i'm interested in it, that's why la aku keep going in it.

Thus, after i take a look for her new template, then i started to search the images that use the same colour elements which is white, black and red. From the search, i found so many interesting images but i manage to choose these 2 images:

The 1st image has given me an idea to create a header look like a turning page. Because of this is a new idea, i'm not that sure that i could make it. 2nd one was chosen because it suits to the template colours and the theme which is LOVE. However, i was stuck in the middle. How will i combine those images with her quote 'where there is great love, there r always miracles' and her pic?

Alhamdulillah for finally i found the way how to create and finish it. Taraa~~~

How it looks? simple right? Actually, i do not use the whole of this week to edit it. But because of i'm not in the right mood, that's why it took time before it was completely done. I just started edit it 2 nights ago. I started at 8 pm and stop 9 pm to watch 'The Biggest Loser' *hee,,, yang ni tak boleh miss*. Then i continued on editing at 10.30 pm. Everything has been done before 12 am. I was so satisfied because i could create it as what i wanted it to be. I am happy too when she loves it (:

Huu,,, i thought better i stop here since i have a headache right now. Tak boleh menghadap lappy lagi dah. Rasa macam ada orang main kompang pun ada kat dalam kepala ni. Argh,,, i need panadol for my head and strepsils for my throat. Tata ^^

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anish said...

cantik! :) pndai zeri bwat tu..hehe

and get well soon! makan ubat x)

fatalist said...

zeri get well tau..xpe, sakit tu penghapus the way, rajin yerk nolong issa hias blog..bgi aku blog dia....

MarelFira said...

la, pttla senyap je 2 hr nih..sakit yer..

get well soon, dear..

Anonymous said...

haha3!!!...kak pirah thanks sangt!...kehkehkeh...aku mmg suke sngt ngan header ni!..asyik duk tgok je sampakn xleh nk menulis creter!,,kahkahkah..mmg happy sngt:p
fatalist:..haha3!!!...ner bleh nk2 suh kak pirah buat lgi,hahah3!!!...

zEri sAfEerA said...

anis :hehe,,,kembali d cni. masheh ye :)

fareha: 2 ah. 1st time dmam thn ni :)

marel: ngee,,,2 r. skunk br ok :)thanx dear

issareni:no hal. janji nk blanje aku 2 on :p