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Monday, November 8, 2010

I heart U ;)

Attention pleeeaaassseee!!! Today is 8th Nov right??? YES exactly. Woohooo,,, it's been long time i didn't post my entry in English right? As usual, get prepare yourself well before getting dizzy with my poor vocab and broken grammar. Hikhok :p

I was sitting my 1st paper today for STE 3001. How was it? Hurm,,, it was confusing me when the question start asking about RAM. It might be something wrong with my brain processor and that's why i was facing a problem to retrieve the data that i have been stored in my brain RAM. Whatever,,, hehe ^^ it gets even worse when everything were mixed together. Double, trouble... Huh -_-'

Ok leave it. Actually, this is not what i would like to focus on for this entry. I want to put my attention on my bff, Ain aka Ain Kusyi since today is her birthday. As the world keeps spinning and time keeps changing, she's turning 21-y-old now. You are welcome to the club, dear ;)

Even we both take different paths in life now, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere. That's what i can be proud of about us :)
How long have we be friends? Hurm,,, after i multiply, divide, minus and plus it, and it's gonna be
± 6 years.

Let me share briefly of our friendship from the start. It begins when we were form 3. Kat school dulu, siapa tak kenal Ain Kusyi? A little talkative person. And me? No one knows. Hee ^^ but it was surprising me somehow when 1 day she called my name, asking me whether i wanna use a public phone or not. Hikhik,,, ingat lagi time tu. Tertanya-tanya juga aku. Aik? tahu pulak budak ni nama aku. Hoo dah berangan kejap :D.
However, STILL this is not the beginning of our friendship.

It all started when she went to the hostel. By coincidence of fate, she was placed in the same dorm with me. Yup, Dorm F. And again. It was by fate when i don't have any close friend in that dorm. So no wonder why we became closer even she thought I'm such a 'WHATEVER' person at the 1st time. Get it? Hahaha,,, actually, that's her 1st impression on me when we had a conservation conversation for the 1st time.

'Whatever' person is someone yang bila bercakap, mata asyik duk rolling kat atas je kan. YUP. Itu la saya. So, she thought that i'm an arrogant serious person. Statement yang dia selalu bagi...

"Sebelum kenal, ingatkan serius je. Bila dah kenal, mahu nak pecah perut gelak."

I'm ok with such statement since she's not the 1st person saying me so. Lagi kejam kot bila ada orang ingat urat senyum aku dah putus. Wakakakaka =)) *gelak sawan*
Tak kenal, maka tak cinta. So, it's better if you don't know who's the real me for 1 day you might be fall in love with me. Hurkkk!!! *statement bunuh diri*

Bila sudah masuk form 4 form 5, lagi la rapat. Makan sama2.
Tidur sama2. Mandi sama2. Nyanyi sama2. Haaa,,, 1st song yang aku minta dia nyanyi sebelum aku tidur sampaikan dia pun tertidur sekali. Azharina - Seandainya. Ingat lagi Ain?
Sambung lagi. Gosip sama2. Berangan sama2. Baca novel sama2. Eyh, tak. Dia baca novel. Saya dengar dia cerita balik je. Hehe :D.
Study stado sama2. Borak sama2. Gelak tak hingat sama2. Kena marah sama2. Lepas tu, sambung gelak lagi sama2. Hakhak :)) tu tak masuk lagi part dia sikat rambut saya, saya sapu losyen belakang dia. Mia,,,hahaha =)) Fly sama2. Balik rumah sama2. Kena angkat budak pengsan sama2. Huh -_-'

If i have to write the memorable moments between us, 1 buku log pun tak cukup tau. We are different but we are still the same. This is what ties us together.

Ain koo. I know i never good with flowery words. But i always wish i had more than these words to let you know how much i appreciate your presence in my life. Thanks for being my friend, accept me for who i am, for always stay by my side and be the person that i can count on to. You are such a best friend.

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

May His blessing surrounds you always :)

Hopefully our friendship will keeps growing and last for eternity. Even our friendship began with 'whatever', but i hope it will end with 'friend 4ever'.

This entry is supposed to be published yesterday.
But since i got a problem with wireless connection after few tries,
that's why i just published it today :)

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little ain said...



how thoughtful. and seriusly i'm sooo touched with this. laugh out loud and i burst out with tears.

come to think of it, i never thought that u will remember such small and tiny things that had happened between us. but somehow, it matters a lot. in getting us even closer and bring us together.

due to that, i sincerely wish that our friendship doesn't end and i'm not going to let go of it, no matter what.

because you are my very best friend, and the one that i can always count to, a friend through thick and thin.

you are one of a kind and irreplaceable. my many thanks for this beautiful, hilarious post.

with love,
ain kusyi :)

zEri sAfEerA said...

speechless :'(

♥e'in♥ said...

sweet nye.. n good luck 4 ur exam.. ;)

zEri sAfEerA said...

hee ^^ thanx e'in

cik jue said...

:) hey..kwn muni ?
ex kmph - if i not mistake :)

zEri sAfEerA said...

hehe :D
iye cik jue...
mmg x slh lagi ;)

anish said...

comel la korang ni :)

zEri sAfEerA said...

hehe :D ain comey anis ;)