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Monday, August 3, 2009

Why We Are Friends


Because... You smile.
Because... You understand just by
looking into my eyes.
Because... You finish my sentences and know what I like.
Because... You know me better than I know myself.
Because... With you I'm not afraid to be myself.
Because... I can say something stupid or expose my deepest secrets to you.
Because... Everything we do together becomes a memory.
Because... I don't need to do something special to have fun. Fun just happens.
Because... I don't need to explain anything . You just know.
Because... You tell me the truth, no matter how much I'd rather not hear it.
Because... You would do anything for me and get me out of trouble.
Because... You make me laugh harder than anyone.
Because... You are not afraid to put yourself on the line for me.
Because... I can trust you.
Because... You believe in my dreams, no matter how silly you may seem.
Because... You dry my tears.
Because... I'm good enough when I'm with you.
Because... You know me for who I really.
Because... You are my best friend.

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little ain said...

:) i knew all the words but forgot from which book u had taken it. ahahaha :) nice though.. miss you and af a lot!

zEri said...

hahahah~ nsb baek ain ingat agi...
chicken soup la... miss u 2~ =)