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Friday, December 17, 2010

25 things 'bout azfeera

happy Friday, readers ;)

i've been tagged by lil ain. for me, this tag is quite tough due to the requirements. that's why i hold on this for hours before it completely done. so, before i go any further, lets check out the rule 1st...

"Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random, things, facts or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tagged the person who tagged you. If i tag you, it's because i want to know more about you."

Here i go...

1. I'm Azri Safirah Abdullah. credit to my parents for choosing this name because i'm completely love it :x
2. I was born on 22nd August 1989 at 10:15 am, after losing a fight to my twin bro :((
3. I'm an ordinary leo girl with a stone in my heart and in my head as well :p
4. I'm a daughter who wants to be a chef in my home someday. tehee :D
5. I'm a single princess who is still waiting for her magic carpet ride with her right prince ;;)
6. I'm a student who is always struggling with procrastination :-b
7. I'm a friend who is always there to be a place to count on n.n
8. I'm a bubbly  person and fun to be around but shy around new people :">
9. I'm a sensitive person with no tears but might cry alone when nobody sees me :'(
10. I aspire to be a teacher since i was in kindergarten and i'm currently taking bach of education :)
11. I'm not straightforward but i have my own way to say NOP =;
12. I'm incredibly tidy person. I won't let my stuff in a mess!
13. I'm a mind reader ;;) 
13. I love numbers and everything related to it (8
14. I never good with words but i love quotations <';
15. I love purple and pastel red. i love pink if it's combined with grey 6.9
16. I don't like yellow but i would love it if it's sunflower :D
17. I listen to music regarding to my mood 8-|
18. I sleep like a baby once i hit the bed i-)
19. I daydream to live in my own world 8>
20. I eat a lot but gain less weight >_<
21. I laugh often instead of smile :)) 
22. You judge me. i won't change :| 
23. You me. i would you in return ;)
24. I my family in infinity ^.~
25. I myself for just being me ^^

Finally DONE! Now, i would like to tag:
1. Ain Kusyi the 1 who tagged me

Another person that i want to know more bout them:
6. Jue

my new followers:
11. Ely
12. Emon

The rest 13 people:
who reads this. ngee :D

22 003 people care:

fatalist said...

aku first kot!!!!hehehe..tgu erk..kena fikir..

zEri sAfEerA said...

mmg mu 1st :) hehehe :D ok. aku tggu :)

anish said...

i luv pink if it;s combined wif grey.

same! :DDD

zEri sAfEerA said...

yeee ^^ hakhak. smmmmart ah anis :D

little ain said...

pink and grey are meant to be together lahhhh.

okay, everything's checked. bravoo!

zEri sAfEerA said...

hahaha :)) yuppy ain :D

deltaaa!!! hekhek ^^

디야나 said...

ngehhh~ tag lagik~ jom buat~~

btw, good in numbers? teehee

qushaira said... di tag pun kne pk dlu..thnkz yee..^__^

zEri sAfEerA said...

diyana: ye. 6ti org bwat yg dyana

hahaha,,, luv numbers la. x semestinye gud in numbers ;)

zEri sAfEerA said...

qushaira: iye. 6ti buat ye. most wlcome ^_^

Anonymous said...

mmg besh la lau bce ape y mu tulis,kreatif~~~~
nnti la aku wat tpi buat mse seminggu ni xdan lgi tpi insyaallah lpas ni erk...

zEri sAfEerA said...

ish mu ni. x abes2 nge kreatif. haha :)) ciri2 org lhr bulan ogos kot. tehee :D

ok, tgguuu :)

i'm mashitah said...

25? bnyk sgt la...x larat nak pikir..hahaha

zEri sAfEerA said...

mashi: hahaha :)) mnguji mnda g2. ekekeke :D

hans said...

Rajin buat tag yer
owh patutlah entry nih ada kaler purple
minat purple rupanya

P/S : Seronok Kan Bila Kena Prank Dengan Kawan Sendiri?

zEri sAfEerA said...

hans: hoho ^^ pepel n ppuan x boleh dipisahkan. tehee :D

P/S: jgn biarkan diri anda di'prank' hakhak :p

hamzah ian said...

best gak men tag tag eh..

zEri sAfEerA said...

hurm,,, best ah bile time xdok kijean gni :P

Anonymous said...

doh mu mmg kreatif expong~~~

zEri sAfEerA said...

hahahaha ^^ baekla :)

IntanSya~ said...

eat a lot but gain less weight ? cool la . :)
anyway . thnx for tagging . huhu . :)

zEri sAfEerA said...

hehe :D
ye. sile2 buat la ye :)