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Thursday, December 9, 2010


This is the 2nd tag I got from miss Wani for this month. Assignment katanya, hee ^^. So here are few questions I need to answer. *not few la sebenarnya*

3 name in your box cellphone?
my abang kembar

your main ringtone
currently, I use Lenka-The Show

what you did at 12 last night?
O'ow sleeping -_- at my grandma's house

who was the last time you went out with? Where?
with my parents. to the beach :)

the color t-shirt you are wearing now
maroon body glove t-shirt :D

the last thing you did
take my break1st

3 of your everyday favourite things
Nikon dig camera

the color of your bedroom

how much money in your wallet right now?
less than hundred :o

your favourite song?
currently, I love listening them:
1. Linkin Park-Waiting for the End \m/
2. Natasha Bedingfield ft Bruno Mars-Again ;)

what will you do next week?
spend time and hang out with my besties ^^

when the last time you saw your mom?
few seconds ago. hehe :D

when the last time you talk with your parents?
I'm talking with them in current while typing this answer. hee 8)

who is the last person that texted you?
my close friend, fareha

where you have your dinner last night?
at dining table for sure. hakhak :))

the last surprise u got...
a bombastic surprise birthday celebration on my birthday >.<
everyday is filled with surprises actually :)

last thing you borrow from your friends
hurm,,, pensil 2B during final exam. tehee *)

who is your gf/bf or wife/husband
too young too fall in love. Aceycey :p
I'm waiting for my prince charming. where could he be? hakhak ^^

what do you feel now?
I'm in wonderland. mia,,,hahaha :)) kiddo

wanna share with who?
those who read this tag :) *sweet x?*

who know your secrets?
my parents and my besties ;))

they keep ur secret?
for what reason I share with them if they can't keep holding it :p

are you angry with someone?
nop. hurm,,, maybe yes. nop! disgusted @_@

what do you order at mcD?
big mac. filet O fish pun best.
Bubur ayam lagi la... nyom,,, nyom -^^-

the last time you feel so sad
already deleted by the wind. hee :D

what is your wish for tomorrow?
wake up with greatest smile if I still given an opportunity to make a new happy ending  :)

who will you tag next?
those who read this entry and feel free to do it...

4 003 people care:

senydream said...

besh3!....mmg xrugi la bce!..:)

zEri sAfEerA said...

hakhak :)) tang mane hok best 2?

senydream said...

sume laa..dr a sampa z lah!...comey nk bce pon x bsan,huhu2...

zEri sAfEerA said...

dr A-Azri smpai Z-Zeri ke? hakhak ^^